How do you play Poker?

Holdem Poker

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Poker Lingo

A five high straight (A 2 3 4 5). Also known as a Wheel.

Case Card
The last card of a particular rank that has not been seen during a hand and is believed to be in the deck.

Chop Chop
Splitting the pot when equal hands are drawn.

Drawing Dead
Trying to make a particular hand that, even if it is made, cannot possibly win.

Free Roll
When you have the nuts with more cards to come.

Gut Shot
An inside straight draw. (ie: you hold A K J 10 7)

The highest card in your hand that does not make a pair or trips.

Limp In
To call another players bet with a weak hand.

To fold and throw your hand into the discard pile; the discard pile itself.

The best possible hand that can be made in any given situation of a game.

Playing the Overs
An agreement among the players left in a game who want to play a higher limit.

A poker player who has a reputation for playing consistently low risk poker.

A poker player who plays a game nearly every night.

Winning several poker games close together in a short period of time.

Slow Play
To play your hand in a much weaker manner than it would normally call for in order to disguise its strength for a future betting round.

Under the Gun
Playing in the first position to the left of the dealer.


Same as Texas Holdem, but players are dealt four cards. Each player must use only two of their pocket cards to make the best possible five card poker hand.

Each player is dealt five cards down. Then five community cards are placed face down in the centre of the table. These cards are turned up one at a time, followed by betting intervals for each card.

Southern Cross
Each player is dealt either two, four, or five cards (dealers choice) and ten community cards are formed in a cross shape in the centre of the table (see diagram). These cards are turned over in a clockwise pattern (you can turn them one at a time, or together outside to inside) followed by a betting round. Each player can use the cards from only one of the rows of community cards.

Stupid Louie
Each poker player is dealt five cards. Ten cards are then put in two equal rows of five each on the centre of the table. The first card in the top row is turned over. If any player has a matching card, they must discard it to the table. Then the first card on the bottom row is turned over, which is a community card. There is a betting round. This continues until all the cards are turned over.


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