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Poker Lingo

A five high straight (A 2 3 4 5). Also known as a Wheel.

Case Card
The last card of a particular rank that has not been seen during a hand and is believed to be in the deck.

Chop Chop
Splitting the pot when equal hands are drawn.

Drawing Dead
Trying to make a particular hand that, even if it is made, cannot possibly win.

Free Roll
When you have the nuts with more cards to come.

Gut Shot
An inside straight draw. (ie: you hold A K J 10 7)

The highest card in your hand that does not make a pair or trips.

Limp In
To call another players bet with a weak hand.

To fold and throw your hand into the discard pile; the discard pile itself.

The best possible hand that can be made in any given situation of a game.

Playing the Overs
An agreement among the players left in a game who want to play a higher limit.

A poker player who has a reputation for playing consistently low risk poker.

A poker player who plays a game nearly every night.

Winning several poker games close together in a short period of time.

Slow Play
To play your hand in a much weaker manner than it would normally call for in order to disguise its strength for a future betting round.

Under the Gun
Playing in the first position to the left of the dealer.


Nuts Definition: The absolute best possible hand in any given hand of poker. The unbeatable, unbreakable hand.

Didn't know what 'The Nuts' meant? well neither did I until I started playing Poker, that's why i decided to put everything i've learnt about Poker into this site. Nuts Poker, in a league of its own.
Royal Flush. The 'Nuts' Poker Hand
Think of it as a beginners guide, don't know the rules of Poker? don't worry, i've put together a free idiots guide of how to play, Nuts Poker Guide focusses on the beginner and the most popular Poker games.

I've also reviewed pretty much every UK Poker site available, from William Hill to Ladbrokes you can find my unbiased opinion & reviews of how easy they are to sign up & use to your left. So, thanks for visiting Nuts Poker and i hope you'll find this site useful. Good Luck.
Get your free poker guide in PDF format here
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Coral Poker
Up to 20,000 players online, huge multi-level sign up bonuses up to $600! huge weekly cash tournaments, safe & secure. Find out what we think about Coral Poker in the Nuts Coral Poker Review
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Read the PartyPoker Review and get a feel for the largest Poker room in the world, you can't go wrong with PartyPoker plus you get 20% bonus on your first deposit..
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Bet365 Poker
A non download version of their poker software is available at bet365 giving a good alternative to the full version. An in-depth overview can be found in the Bet365 Poker Review. New sign-ups can also receive up to $100 worth of Poker Chips making Bet365Poker a good choice.
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VC Poker
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32Red Poker
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